Dmexco 2015 Keynote: “Grey Swans, Disruption & Zero Based Budgeting”
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Dmexco 2015 Keynote: “Grey Swans, Disruption & Zero Based Budgeting”

I visit the dmexco this year again (digital marketing exposition & conference in Cologne), and I was very impressed about the opening Keynote from Sir. Martin Sorrell.

“Grey Swans, Disruption & Zero Based Budgeting”
(Background: The founder and CEO of WPP talks about strategies and possible solutions on the road to a new digital era).

He talks about the following 10 Points. I put them in my own words as written below.

  1. Power Shift (fast grown markets)
  2. Competitive Factor’s
  3. Data investment management
  4. Digital: Disintegrated medial disruption (Time spend vs. investment)
    ->  Value, Viewability, Validation  (Measurements is important)
    ->  The way me measure and choose for our brand awareness and digital activities are old and don´t fit our targets.
  1. Balance of power (retailers vs. manufactures)
    -> “Direct relationship you can establish with the customers is critical important”
    -> “Manufactures have the ability to communicate directly to the consumer”
    -> “The thread is Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay -> In terms of them becoming the new Walmart’s, Tesco’s … They could establish that direct relationship with our customers.“
    ->” Manufacturing + e-retailing + ecommerce = Is critical important!”
  2. Power of internal communication
    -> “Multibranded organizations = trying to face everybody in the right direction, at the right point in time is extremely difficult to do”
  3. Global and local grows
  4. Brand investment vs. revenue grows
  5. Sustainability
  6. Consolidation
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